Radiant Heat Project March 2014 - 05

Radiant Heat Keeps Open Concept Homes Comfortably Warm.

Radiant Heat Provides An Efficient Heating Source For Your Home. Radiant heat functions through hydronics or by electricity. Hydronic radiant heating is generated by running hot water through plastic tubing, under your flooring. Electric radiant uses heating cables to warm the floor above. Electric radiant is primarily used to heat individual rooms, like a kitchen […]

low flow toilet

Low Flow Toilets Save Water & Money.

Find Confidence, Low Flow Toilets Work As Well As High Flow Models! In the past, government action to regulate water usage resulted in poorly operating low flow toilets. In the early 1990’s, the  gallon-per-flush regulations changed from 3.5 to 1.6. At that point, most toilet manufacturers had not changed their design and engineering to ensure […]

Infiltrator Chambers

Alternative Septic Systems Allow You To Build Where You Want.

Take Advantage Of Sweeping Views With An Alternative Septic System. Alternative septic systems give you options when building your home. If your land doesn’t percolate, a traditional septic system isn’t an option. Land with poor percolation rates tend to be located near environmentally sensitive areas. These sites are often rocky, wet, or steep and have […]

Rainwater Collection

Rainwater Collection Supplies Graywater.

Rainwater Collection Is Smart And Economical. Rainwater collection systems are a smart solution to supplying graywater for your home or business. You can use rainwater to flush toilets, water gardens and yards, or even pressure wash your home. Using the water you collect lowers your dependency on your well or municipality and decreases the ecological […]

ATS Introduces Purificare For UV Water Treatment.

UV Water Treatment Systems Protect Your Family’s Water. UV water treatment is an established method to treat and disinfect the water running into your home. By emitting wavelengths of ultraviolet light, UV water treatment systems disinfect well water by disrupting the DNA of microorganisms so they can no longer reproduce. It’s a chemical free, environmentally […]