Milwaukee TRAPSNAKE™

In January, Milwaukee introduced a new tool dubbed the TRAPSNAKE™. It’s a “game-changing new solution for unclogging toilets, urinals, and floor traps for service plumbers and facility maintenance professionals.” “The heart of the system is the M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver. The first powered unit optimized for the challenges of porcelain fixtures, the M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver delivers power […]


It’s a Builder’s Market

For the first time in a while, the housing market in the Harrisonburg area has become not only a seller’s market, but a builder’s market. Around June of 2016 the market shifted in such a way that has not been seen in years. There is more demand than supply in the housing market. Source: Scott […]

water treatment

Filter Before You Treat!

When you find bacteria in your water source, the most popular solution (aside from finding a new water source), is UV water treatment. However, that is not all that goes into treating water with a UV light. Your home most likely needs a full water treatment system with multiple filters for various purposes. At the very […]


PEX vs PE-RT Pipe

At May Supply we carry two brands of flexible piping commonly referred to as PEX and PE-RT. PEX itself stands for the material the pipe is made from, cross-linked polyethylene. At May Supply we carry ViegaPEX tubing and Oil Creek Heatflex PE-RT Pipe. The Oil Creek Heatflex PE-RT pipe is made from DOWLEX™ 2433 Polyethylene Copolymer […]

moen disposal image

The Moen Garbage Disposal

Why Choose a Moen? Moen recently released a line of Garbage Disposals with quite a few beneficial features. For one, you can now build a complete kitchen with entirely Moen products, including the garbage disposal. You can also retro-fit their garbage disposals directly into the Insinkerator collar so there is no need for any additional […]

WARDFlex products


Why choose WARDFlex MAX over regular WARDFlex? VS Gas lines naturally create static friction as gas runs through them. To correct this issue, and prevent unwanted fires, there are codes in place, dictating how these lines should be installed. One of those requirements is that the gas lines are bonded. Usually that means the line is […]

Flexible Tap Saddles

Flexible Tap Saddles

Flexible Tap Saddles are the faster & less costly way to make sewer main connections. One Fernco Saddle will fit and 6” and larger sewer mains. Available for all 4” or 6” plastic or cast iron drain pipe inlets in tee or y configurations. Features Manufactured from a specially formulated high durometer PVC Rigid, yet […]

AY McDonald Stainless Steel Repair Clamps

AY McDonald Stainless Steel Repair Clamps

May Supply carries AY McDonald Stainless Steel Repair Clamps. AY McDonald’s stainless steel TECK™ repair clamps feature a fully welded bar, chemically passivated welds, roll plate, anti-gall nuts, NBR taper grid pattern gasket, optional AWWA or FNPT outlets, and optional conductivity patch. Multiple lengths and sizes are available including standard, custom, and O.D. specific diameter […]

AEM and MSHA Issue ‘Distracted Driving’ Safety Alert

AEM and MSHA Issue ‘Distracted Driving’ Safety Alert

The following article is published with permission from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers: AEM and MSHA Issue ‘Distracted Driving’ Safety Alert ‘Turn off your cell phone while operating off-road equipment’ is the key message from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) in a new jointly developed safety […]